Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am going to make this easy so I don't get overwhelmed with all the catching up to do and trying to fill you in on all that has happened in the last 10 months...

We are now living in FL, We love it! (Miss VA and our Friends from there though) Randy is loving his Oral Surgery Program! Jaynie and I are enjoying the weather and our Friends! Jaynie is 17 months old and sassy as ever. I think I am in for it! Here is a few pictures of our Family and Jaynie growing since my last post! Jaynie started Walking at 9.5 months old

10 months Old Randy's Graduation from Dental School! YAHOO!
Jaynie has fallen in LOVE with Dolls! ... And Mickey (whom she calls Hot Dog from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
Jaynie's 1 year Photo shoot with Peek-A-Boo Photography
Jaynie's First Birthday Enjoying her Cake
Maybe a little too much!

We love the beach and visit often, Jaynie LOVES the water! ... And purses!
Celebrating my Birthday with some of our FL friends!

Jaynie, loving some more Disney!

Jaynie's 16 month Photo Shoot with Haypri Photography!

Thank you Gretchen!
Jaynie is obsessed with Sesame Street so she was Abby Cadabby!
She Loved passing out Candy more than going
Trick or treating herself!
Poor Elmo, Jaynie was helping him go potty!
So nice don't you think?!

Well that is our last 10 months in a picture nutshell! Hopefully I will be better at updating!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My baby is 9 Months Old!!!

It's a Bitter/Sweet Day!

Jaynie is 9 Months old and gets more of a personality every day!
It seems like just yesterday that they laid her in my arms for the first time. And now she is walking around on the furniture and screaming at me when I don't do what she wants (isn't it too early for that?) She keeps me busy from sun up to sun down. She LOVES waffles and pancakes for breakfast and a quick dash for the Bubble bath after. She has also enjoyed leaving SNAKES (As Kauner would call them :) in the the tub! (Yippie for mom :0) I have recently named her my Mariah Carey baby. You know that high pitched thing she does as she points her index finger high in the air and waves it around as she brings it down to her side? Yeah well Jaynie does the scream. Without the finger of course :) I have never seen a little 9 month old with such strong desires, especially to get electrocuted. She really wants to, she seeks outlets out and climbs up the wall and turns around with this "Look what I found" look on her face and starts trying to stick her fingers in the holes. I have plugged them all up, but a friend recently told me that they "just let him get shocked and he never wanted to touch them again and we didn't have to buy the plastic covers". Seems logical :) however we will stick with the plugs, at least until she learns how to get them out and then she is on her own!

Jaynie loves to eat just about anything we give her and she mmmmmmmmm's until she gets it. She loves watching older kids play, just just can't wait to be able to do all the "cool" things they do. She recently found the swings at the park and she LOVED them. So we will definitely be heading back there when it warms up again to do some more swinging.
I just can't believe how fast time has flown by! We are loving having Jaynie in our family. She keeps us on our toes and laughing every day! We love her so much and are grateful every day to have her, even when she Mariah Carey's it ALL DAY LONG! :)

Happy 9 Months little Piddle Bug!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last post for tonight... I was soooo behind!

Can't resist posting some pics of Jaynie in her cute sweater dress. She wore it to church today and she looked adorable!

Nice weekend Together!

So Randy has been gone a little bit more lately! Exciting, but we miss him terribly! Last week he had a rotation in the "northern neck" of VA where he was able to go and work on patients who can't afford dental care and they get the "revenue" or hours counted towards their requirements to graduate. He had a great time and did really well. It is always interesting to hear some of the stories and see some of the pictures of the patients mouths. YUCK! I don't know how he does it, but he loves it and thank goodness, since he will be supporting us for the rest of our lives. But EWWW! SO he got home on Friday night and we all crashed, even Jaynie (she is the best snuggler and just naps pretty much whenever we want one KNOCK ON WOOD!). Saturday we laid around and just hung out and then we went to lunch with the Heiners to Panera Bread, one of our FAVORITES out here. We had a nice day and then went to our Trunk-OR-Treat church party and Jaynie dressed up in her Giraffe costume only to crash on daddy's shoulder at the begining of the party. But it was a nice weekend. Randy left on a plane again this morning to go to his first interview. We miss you all ready daddy! Good luck! MUWAHHHHH!

Tropical Smoothie? Uh huh!

Jaynie LOVED her some "Get-Up-And-Gogi" Smoothie. She was so funny. She didn't even pull a face. She loved it and would have liked a whole lot more than the drop she received! Thanks Lisa for the excuse to get out and chit chat, oh and eat some yummy food too!

Jaynie's October...

This is Jaynie's new face!!
She loves to suck on her bottom lip. It is either this or her fingers are in her mouth. It's so funny. Sometimes when she pulls this face she puffs out her cheeks and smiles and she looks so funny, Randy and I just crack up laughing!

Jaynie loves to talk with her fingers in her mouth too, (hers or yours, she likes them both). It is so cute, she thinks she is pretty big!

I love Jaynies little skinny body and when I was getting her ready for a bath she was standing up and bouncing up and down and it was so cute I had to take bath pics. She is also figuring out that she can kick in the bath and it splashes, the first couple times it scared her and now she has got it down. So long dry floors and mom!
Jaynie has also mastered grabbing her toes. One night she was fighting sleep and she just had so much energy so I laid her down on the floor and she instantly grabbed both of her feet and rolled from side to side non stop for about a min, just back and forth over and over. I was a little spooked by it, it was like she was going nuts for a second. Then she just looked at me like "I knew I could do it" and gave me this big smile and I picked her up and she fell right asleep. She has been grabbing her toes and rolling side to side ever since.

One night I was cooking (notice I say ONE NIGHT. Randy cooks more than I do, he is better at it.) and I set Jaynie down to pull something out of the oven and when I turned around, this is what I found. I had to reach for my camera before helping her back up, because I had to capture this face. doesn't she look proud. Oh and she will roll from her back to her stomach in her swing, but not on the floor, Trouble I tell ya. The little stinker, I think I am in for it.